A definition of positive animal welfare

A definition of positive animal welfare

In January 2024, working group one accomplished one of the most challenging and important tasks of LIFT, which was to define positive animal welfare.

 This will form the basis of the work for the other working groups. As a deliverable, the definitions is listed here on the website. However, please do not share the definition on social media yet, until the publication is out. Our social media team will inform when it is the right time for advertising it.

Positive animal welfare is defined as the animal flourishing through the experience of predominantly positive mental states and the development of competence and resilience.

Positive animal welfare goes beyond ensuring good health and the prevention and alleviation of suffering.

Positive mental states result from rewarding experiences, including having choices and opportunities to actively pursue goals and achieve desired outcomes, according to species-specific capabilities.

Genetic, developmental and experiential factors (e.g. pre-natal, early life, environmental) contribute to individual differences in the ability to achieve positive animal welfare.

Positive animal welfare can be assessed using animal-based indicators.

Positive animal welfare can be evaluated over different timescales, thereby contributing to the lifetime picture.

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