Open Calls

Open Calls

Applications are now open for STSMs between November 1st 2023 and October 31st 2024

STSMs within LIFT have to contribute to the specific objectives of the COST action, allowing applicants to learn new techniques, gain access to specific data, instruments and methods not available in their own organizations. Applicants do not need to cover all the topics of LIFT, but they should fit the profile of at least one Working Group and need to receive confirmation letter from the host institution in receiving the applicant (confirmation should also specify the dates of the STSM). Applications are through the e-COST system.

For more information see the Grant Awarding user guide bellow.

Duration: minimum 10 days, maximum 90 days

Financial support: up to EUR 4000,- per grant, depending on the host country and duration of the mission. Financial support covers the costs of travel, accommodation and meal expenses. It is paid in the form of a grant after the submission of an STSM report.




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