Lifting Farm Animal Lives - laying the foundations for positive animal welfare

About the Action

‘LIFT’ is a 4-year EU funded COST Action project which will provide the background for including positive welfare in farm animal welfare assessment. The Action started in November 2022 and will continue to November 2026. Currently, the Action has more than 200 participants from 38 different countries. 

The research forum can help people who want to make contact and learn about new indicators and work that has been done in other species.

Linda Keeling

It will be good to talk at European level about how we can educate the younger generation about animal welfare.

Jean-Loup Rault

LIFT is about laying the foundations for lifting animals’ lives, through knowledge about positive animal welfare indicators.

Margit Bak Jensen

As researchers, we have to make an effort to increase the understanding of what positive animal welfare means.

Pol Llonch

COST can help to align researchers’ conceptualization of positive animal welfare.

Laura Webb

Latest Updates

The next LIFT training school is planned to be held on 26-28 June 2024 in Budva, Montenegro. This...
WG1 will be holding a subgroup meeting on 10-11 June 2024 in Prague, Czech Republic. The meeting will...
WG2 has an in-person subgroup meeting scheduled to be held in Uppsala (Sweden) on the 6th and the...