Working Groups

Working Groups

COST Action LIFT comprises four Working Groups (WGs)

People interested in joining the COST Action can do so by applying to participate in a WG. We recommend to only apply to one, maximum two, WGs. For questions regarding a WG, contact the WG leader.


Defining key concepts of positive animal welfare

WG1 is a multidisciplinary group, composed of researchers in animal sciences, human psychology, philosophy, and anthropology. The work is focussed on laying the foundations of positive animal welfare and finding common ground between all the disciplines in the research field. The main objectives are to:

The activities include a survey to non-academic stakeholders and focussed discussion groups, and the main outputs will be a list of shared concepts and definitions and a critical review paper on the use of terminology, concepts and definitions related to positive welfare.


Identifying valid methodologies to assess positive animal welfare

WG2 consists of researchers from various disciplines, including animal sciences, neurosciences and social sciences. The main objective is to provide valid research methods to assess positive animal welfare. This includes reporting on successful and unsuccessful test paradigms that have been carried out in the past.

WG2 will assess these methods for their suitability to test the concepts as defined by WG1. The expected outputs are a critical review of the various methodologies used to assess positive welfare, a common research agenda, a research forum, and a Code of Good Research Practice.


Devising potential indicators of positive animal welfare to be used on-farm

WG3 includes Action members and stakeholders from industry and NGOs. The main objective is to provide recommendations for the inclusion of animal- and resource-based measures of positive welfare in farm animal welfare assessment schemes. This will be achieved through close collaboration with stakeholders.

Stakeholder views and needs are collected and the task of WG3 is to discuss the feasibility of methods and protocols in practice and to suggest ways in which potential indicators may be implemented into labelling schemes, while taking into account country- and region-specific aspects.


Dissemination and Knowledge Transfer and Exchange

Communication and dissemination related to the Action is arranged by this WG. The WG comprises of subgroups for the website, graphics and social media, editing of scientific output, and organisation of conference and training materials. The WG objectives are to:

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