MC meeting, 23 January 2024, online

MC meeting, 23 January 2024, online

On the 23rd of January, 2024, the Management Committee will convene to discuss the progress of the Action. The meeting will take place online on Zoom. MC members will receive an email with the link to join. In case you cannot join as MC, then you can assign a representative instead so that the vote for your country still counts.


  1. Welcome to participants, verification of the quorum and adoption of agenda          
  2. Information to the MC
    • Recap of the minutes of the last meeting, e-votes and matters arising since the last meeting
    • Core Croup: report from the Core Group, including delegated decisions
    • Action Membership: New Specific Organisations and COST Members represented in the MC
    • Action Participation: WG membership and applications, New MC members/Observers
    • Budget status.
    • Update from the COST Association (if representative is present)
  3. Follow up and discussion on the Action management: structure, leadership positions and other supporting roles.
    • Mandates to the Core Group (if applicable)
    • Implementation of the COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy
    • Grant Awarding by the Action
    • Progress of each working group
    • Science Communication Plan
    • Progress on MoU Objectives, WG tasks, deliverables, and Goals for the current GP.
  4. Planning
    • Revision of Work and Budget Plan of the current GP (if applicable)
    • Draft plans for the following GP(s).
    • Upcoming activities
  5. Monitoring and Reporting to the COST Association
  6. AOB
  7. Summary of MC decisions
  8. Closing

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