Working Group meeting (WG3), Lyon, France

Working Group meeting (WG3), Lyon, France
Group photo of COST Action LIFT working group 3 Members who joined the meeting in Lyon, France.

The first in-person meeting for WG3 was held during the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) Congress 2023 in Lyon, France ( ). It was held on the 28th of August 2023 at Crowne Plaza Hotel, right next to the venue of EAAP Congress.

The main goal of this meeting was to develop and finalize the protocol for the formation of subgroups and the execution plans for each subgroup. The following points were discussed:

  1. member selection criteria to join each subgroup
  2. tasks, roles, and outputs of each subgroup
  3. methodology of the work tasks in each subgroup
  4. communication strategies with other subgroups

The meeting was attended by 18 participants from a diverse geographical background, including Spain, Romania, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Latvia, Belgium, France and Turkey. The small and focussed group allowed active participation and decisions to be made on the formation of sub working groups. The suggested sub groups are currently based on the following activities:

  1. Selection of indicators from WG2 (to form a bridge between WG2 and 3)
  2. Preparation of surveys and the identification of stakeholders
  3. Consultation of stakeholders (through surveys and meetings)
  4. Organisation of workshops to discuss the implementation

Each subgroup will be led (and co-led) by WG3 members, who will coordinate the task of the subgroup and eventually lead the writing process of a manuscript. Alike the meeting of the other working groups who met in Tallinn, organising the meeting alongside a large international conference had benefits both for the Action participants and the Action itself.

Working Group meeting (WG3), Lyon, France

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